What are the functional areas of the diaper backpack?


1. Baby medicine area
Newborn babies need 75% alcohol cotton to sterilize the navel cotton swabs Thermometer New mothers and new fathers lack parenting experience, and the baby's body temperature needs to be measured from time to time. Young children have weak stomachs, so they need to bring some medicines such as mummy love and other intestinal probiotics when they go out. Within one year of age, you should basically eat cod liver oil to supplement calcium. Children and middle-aged children are curious and naughty. They often suffer from falls and need to wear band-aids.
 2. Baby toy area
 Baby's favorite doll, teeth bite, pacifier
 3. Baby changing area
 The diaper backpacks in the mummy bag are especially thoughtful when used in many public places where there is no dedicated diaper changing table in the bathroom.
 1. Baby wipes 2. Diapers 3. Paper towels 4. Nip cream 5. Baby powder
 4. Baby clothes area
  When the baby goes out, the mother should help the baby to bring a change of clothes (usually 3-4 pieces) to prevent the baby from getting wet.
 5. Baby food area
Babies need to bring snacks such as biscuits when they go out after teething
 6. Baby drinking area
 Three-layer milk powder box, feeding bottle, thermos cup filled with hot water, mineral water, small towel and saliva towel.
 7. Mom's Items Area

 When I go out, my mother's mobile phone, wallet, and keys can be well put away.