The maintenance of the outdoor sports backpack


5. (outdoor sports backpack)Camping can put the empty backpack under your feet and put it outside the sleeping bag. It is insulated from the cold ground to improve the sleeping temperature. You must clean the backpack when you come back.

6. (outdoor sports backpack)When you are still outdoors, you should pay attention to whether the buckle of the backpack is fastened. First, avoid breaking the backpack when you walk through some places, second, prevent falling things, and third, prevent mice or insects from getting in at night.

7 (outdoor sports backpack)collect the backpack in a cool and dry environment to avoid mildew and damage the waterproof coating on the outer layer of the backpack cloth. On weekdays, check the stability of main support points, such as waistband, shoulder belt and backpack system, so as to avoid deterioration or hardening of gaskets. If you don't know, the zipper should be replaced. Don't wait until things slip out of the backpack.

8. When cleaning, the dry mud can be directly cleaned with a brush. If washed with water, it is easy to let the sludge into the cloth. If it is oil stain, it is recommended to use neutral detergent. In addition, after washing, it should be dried naturally. Direct exposure to the sun will also damage the backpack material.
outdoor sports backpack