How to take care of the outdoor sports backpack


1. If you want to install some metal tools in the outdoor sports backpack, these things that cause great friction damage should not be close to the inner wall of the bag, which is also an internal damage.

2. If the outdoor sports backpack is scratched, it should be repaired immediately. Thicker needles and threads should be selected. The needles specially used to repair the seat cushion must be sewed firmly, and the nylon thread can be roasted by fire.

3. (outdoor sports backpack)In the evening outdoors, it is best to have a protective cover to wrap the backpack, so that the backpack will not be hurt by dew.

4. (outdoor sports bakcpack)During camping, the backpack should be closed tightly to avoid food theft by small animals such as weasels and mice. At night, the backpack should be covered with a backpack cover. Even in sunny weather, dew will still wet the backpack. In snowy season, the backpack can be used as the door of the snow cave. If you walk or crawl in the woods and shrubs, it is more suitable to lower the center of gravity when filling the backpack.