The material selection of the outdoor sports bag


Whether a outdoor sports backpack is strong and durable depends on the materials. The application of materials determines the quality and grade of the backpack to a certain extent. The application of high-tech materials continuously improves the backpack performance, and the materials of some high-end brands are very exquisite.

When many people choose outdoor sports backpack, they often pay more attention to the color and shape of backpacks. In fact, whether the backpack is strong and durable depends on the material. From the perspective of webbing, ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing. The price difference can be 3 ~ 5 times. The high-quality webbing has smooth surface, soft texture, moderate astringency and smoothness, strong bearing capacity, and can bear a tensile force of more than 200 kg. From the perspective of fabrics, there will be great differences in texture and performance of different materials, so the price will also be very different. The commonly used materials for backpacks are polyester and nylon. Although the former has the characteristics of good coloring and strong chromaticity, it is not as good as the latter in strength and elasticity. Therefore, although the backpacks made of polyester cloth are also very beautiful and cheap, the quality is not as good as those made of nylon. Secondly, there will be some differences in the quality and price of fabrics with different density. For the same 420D fabric, the ordinary fabric weighs 280 grams per yard, while the high-density fabric weighs 410 grams per yard. Therefore, there are great differences in strength and wear resistance between the two fabrics. The destructive test was carried out on the friction machine. The same fabric is 500D. The polyester cloth was damaged when it was worn to 1209 revolutions, while the DuPont nylon cloth was damaged when it was worn to 3605 revolutions. Its wear resistance is three times that of ordinary polyester cloth. On the market, famous brand backpacks pursue perfection in materials, so their performance and quality are also better.(outdoor sports backpack)
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