The purchase tips for student backpack school bag


1.Fabric of the student backpack school bag: it is recommended to choose nylon fabric or Oxford fabric. The schoolbag made of canvas is not very durable for students. Synthetic materials such as leather are not environmentally friendly, and there are no harmful substances, and the weight is heavy

2.Spine protection and load reduction(student backpack school bag): we all know that there is great academic pressure and students' schoolbags are heavy. For the sake of children's growth and development, schoolbags should preferably choose spine protection and load reduction type. Shoulder straps and back pads are mainly used to protect the spine and reduce the burden. The shoulder belt is wider and the back cushion is thicker. The effect of protecting the spine and reducing the load is the best, and it is best to have a hollow pressureless design, so that it will not compress the spine.

3.Reflective strip(student backpack school bag): many schoolbag designers have learned this. The reflective strip is equivalent to the reflective clothes of the traffic police uncle. The purpose is to attract the attention of the vehicle. At night or in low light environment, the reflective strip is highly reflective, which can serve as a reminder, so that the driver will see it and really think it is very important, You know, the cause of the highest child mortality is traffic accidents.

4.Capacity and compartment: personally, it depends on the details of a schoolbag. Children often forget to bring pens or notebooks. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good habits from childhood. In terms of bag design, it is best to have more compartments. It is best to have places for curriculum, pens and classified books, so that children's things are not so easy to lose.

5.Size: the size of the schoolbag is not fixed, because it should be determined according to the child's body shape and height. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed 3 / 4 of the back.