How to choose the outdoor sports backpack(1)


Rock Climbing(outdoor sports backpack)
Conquering one mountain after another is the dream of rock climbers. Rock climbing is that we can appreciate the beauty of the world from another angle. Therefore, outdoor rock climbing has become one of the hottest outdoor sports at present. When climbing, we need to use a wide variety of equipment, so it is essential to choose a suitable backpack.
(outdoor sports backpack)When we choose the rock climbing bag, we must pay attention to that the backpack should have the characteristics of heavy loading system and waterproof, and its structural design should be comfortable, and it must be very lightweight. In addition, in the process of rock climbing, we are not as free as other outdoor sports. Therefore, the backpack needs to have the characteristics of many external hanging points, convenient taking and placing items, strong stability of the backpack and so on.
When climbing, we have to face a variety of unknown environments, so we can choose to carry piggyback, traveling backpack, top backpack and other equipment.

Hiking(outdoor sports backpack)
Hiking is a sport full of fun and a test of willpower. When we walk in the Gobi desert and forest trails, we may not have any supplies. Therefore, the backpack carrying materials is your most important life guarantee.

Hiking is divided into short distance and long-distance hiking. When hiking for a short distance, we need to carry less materials, so our backpack is required to be light and breathable; During long-distance hiking, because we need to camp and supplement food, we need to carry more materials, so the capacity of backpack is particularly important. For long-distance hiking, we should choose tear proof materials and backpacks with waterproof coating, which can be more durable and protective materials. In addition, the carrying material of long-distance Hiking Backpack must be soft, comfortable and breathable, so as to effectively reduce perspiration and make our journey more comfortable.