How to maintain the bag is correct


The correct way to maintain brand-name bags. If you often carry this bag when you go out, remember to wipe the surface of the bag with a dry cloth every night. Most of the big-brand bags are made of genuine leather. The leather bags are easy to stick to dust. Knowing how much dust you can't see has accumulated over time, it will become a stain that is difficult to clean, so it is recommended to wipe it at home every day.
Apply edging oil once a month. For leather bags, in order to cover the wounds on the surface of the dermis and to prevent the cortex from drying out, the edging oil will be applied to the surface of the bag. However, this edging oil also has a long life. It dries up slowly over time, and there will be no way to protect the body at that time, so it is recommended to apply edging oil every other month.

If you don’t use it for a long time, place it in a ventilated environment. If it is not ventilated and humid, the leather will become moldy and hard; remember to put tissue paper or other fillers inside the bag to support the bag to prevent it from being used for a long time. The body is deformed as a whole.